Danielle Roque is a certified makeup artist from Los Angeles. She has trained with some of the top artists in the industry, including Lilit Caradanian, Scott Barnes, Priscilla Ono, Patrick Ta and Evelyn Ramirez. 

          Danielle grew up with an appreciation for the arts. Starting musical theatre at age 4, she learned how to entertain and express herself at a young age. Danielle continued musical theatre throughout her youth, and even attended the Orange County High School of the Arts, one of the most prestigious performing arts high schools in America. With hard work and determination, Danielle auditioned for, and was accepted into one of the best contemporary music schools in the world, Berklee College of Music in Boston. Unfortunately, a vocal hemorrhage got the best of her, and a large portion of her vocal range was gone.

Although it was truly devastating for Danielle, she didn't want to give up her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She decided to turn one of her favorite hobbies into her profession, and work behind the scenes. It is her dream to work in High Fashion, Film/Television, and on Celebrities. So far she has booked an upcoming movie, and has worked with amazing models and photographers. Danielle has a lot ahead of her in her future. As always, she will keep her head up and give 110% on all her work.